Just keep tracking, just keep tracking...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Are you singing the song yet? 

Here are some tips for tracking that came out of the meeting room today. Please post a comment if you have any to add!

- bring your tracker with you wherever you go. You're more likely to track if it's with you rather than sitting on the kitchen counter 

- if you have a blackberry or cell phone, make a "note" for yourself with the date on it and write down the things you eat as you go through your day (if you can't have your tracker with you). If you track-as-you-go, you're less likely to miss something 

- one of my members suggested this really great tip today - if you're at work, compose an email at the beginning of the day. Write in the foods and Points as you go through the day and at the end of work press send and sent it to your home email. 

- if you bring your meals/snacks to work, track everything up to dinner in the morning. It's great for planning ahead and really helps you to see how many points you have left for the day

1 comment:

Linz said...

Just keep trackin'...

I woke up singing this today ;)

Thanks for the great tips!

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