Meeting Shaun T

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shaun T has quickly become one of my heroes after beginning my Insanity journey.

Even when I wasn't able to complete Insanity the first, second or third time I tried, I still admired him and loved his motivation style - I just couldn't get my butt in gear! Completing the original Insanity 2 years ago was an awesome accomplishment and since then I've gone on to do Insanity Max:30, Cize as well as workout with him live and hear him speak. I follow his adventures through social media and love to look to him for motivation during my workouts. He is genuine, authentic, inspiring and seems to be an all-around awesome human. I'm a huge fan!

With all of that being said, you can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to workout with him live in Toronto during canfitpro's world fitness expo in August.

It seemed like a dream come true to have the chance to do a live workout and enjoy a Q&A with him. I was even more excited when I realized that my friend Amanda would be there since we have been Insanity buddies!

I scoped out a great spot for the workout and managed to get a space for us near the front. By the time the area filled up, I sort of felt like we were in a zoo - there were people watching us on every side and they were probably 5 rows deep - everyone wanted to get in on the Shaun T energy and vibe!

Extra sweaty selfie from Tony Felgueiras
The workout kicked our asses with 3 sweaty rounds that got progressively more intense. Shaun brought his signature motivation to go along with a tough workout. I finished my water about halfway through but kept pressing onwards! It was awesome. 

At the end of his workouts, Shaun always gives a great talk that always provides the right amount of inspiration following something so intense. You can catch it in my video and I think it's going to be something that I watch many more times down the road when I need a little kick of motivation.

After the workout, we all scrambled to get seat for an hour-long Q&A. It was really interesting to hear what people wanted to know and what he had to say - from his own workout routine ("I hate Shaun T sometimes too" - on his feelings about himself during his own workouts), on being transparent on who we really are, allowing yourself to be creative in finding your own motivation, telling yourself to 'trust and believe', really taking the time to listen rather than just talk to get the most out of life, and encouraging people to really push themselves to their MAX during Insanity Max:30 to go beyond what's comfortable to get the best result. I felt like I was smiling the whole time, still delirious from our workout, while trying to soak it all up.

And then it came time for the meet and greet.

I want to say that I was cool - but I was so not cool. I started crying as soon as we got into line, out of disbelief. I worked hard to make this event happen, interview some awesome people (like Tony Horton!) and be present for every second I was there. To have this include not only a workout and Q&A with Shaun T but an opportunity to MEET HIM felt so special and surreal. So the tears were flowing.

I tried to pull myself together before it was my turn, but then figured - the hell with it. This is my authentic reaction right now and this is how it's going down! He was so kind and lovely and genuine. I got a big hug and we chatted for a split second before snapping our pics. I said thank you for the workouts and the inspiration and just everything. It was such a happy moment and I'm so grateful.

Definitely a highlight of my summer and absolutely brought my fitness journey full circle. I've got some extra inspiration to dig deep as I head into month 2 of Insanity Max:30.

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