Lunch Diaries - April Edition

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Earth Day!

Since I've started my new job, I'm getting back into the groove of having a more regular routine of Monday to Friday work. I have the pleasure of working from home a couple of days and then I'm in the office/kitchen on the others. It's been great inspiration for me to get back to meal planning and packing lunches - which is a great way to support the earth (and my wallet!)

I've had some yummy things pinned on various boards for awhile, so it's been awesome to try out some new recipes to make and bring for lunches. I happily enjoyed this spiralized zucchini salad a couple of times last week - it was super easy and delicious!

I'm not always awesome at preparing meals in advance (unless I make something for dinner, or do some batch prep) so I really appreciate lunches I can pull together in 10 minutes or less in the morning. This was definitely fit that criteria! I also added some goat cheese for some extra oomph and it was perfect.

To make this citrus kale salad with tahini dressing, I picked up some beautiful organic heirloom carrots to roast.

This was another easy one to make, outside of prepping the grapefruit - does anyone have any tips for ditching the pith?? I happily did and it was worth the effort, but there HAS to be an easier way, no? Loved this salad and all the components and the carrots were a beautiful, colourful touch.

On the weekend, Corbin and I had a super cute bike date in the sunshine and headed to Maha's for lunch!

I want to do a full post about my love for Maha's at some point in the future. I've been lucky to know Maha and her family for years, after I met them when I was in high school and volunteered with a youth choir. I had the pleasure of enjoying Maha's cooking and recipes and was so excited when her passion led her to opening a restaurant. It is nothing short of amazing.

On Saturday, Corbin and I landed the coziest corner of the restaurant, which was the perfect spot to enjoy my foule (a bean dish) with sunny eggs and cumin homefries. So good!

The spices, the texture, the flavours, the mix of old and new - everything at Maha's is divine and it's wonderful to see friends doing what they love! More on Maha's to come.

Do you have any go-to lunches that you love to pack?

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