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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's been more than four years since I went gluten free, and in that time I've had my fair share of gluten free baked goods. As a lover of delicious food, I want things to taste amazing and not just because they're gluten free. I just want them to be awesome. And I really appreciate others who share that philosophy.

Enter Queen B Pastry.

I first discovered Queen B Pastry at my favourite coffee shop, The Rooster. I noticed one day that they had a packaged gluten free cookie labelled as a Crownie. The ingredients looked Ashley-friendly, it was made in Toronto and sounded yummy so I decided to give it a go.


The thing is chocolatey, crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside and all kinds of delicious - and not just because they're gluten free and dairy free. Made with just 8 ingredients including 70% Callebaut chocolate, I treat myself to this stellar cookie / brownie hybrid on occasion and it's always a wonderful experience.

With a cookie that makes me so happy, so you can bet that I was incredibly excited when the fine folks at Queen B Pastry offered to deliver some gluten free, dairy free treats to my office for me to sample. Crownies, Cocolimes (the Crownie's coconutty, limey brother), and three kinds of freshly baked cakelettes were delivered to my office alongside an email with a complete ingredient list.

gluten free dairy free Toronto

I was in baked good heaven.

gluten free Toronto dairy free

While I was familiar with some of the products, it was neat to be able to sample some of the newer items, like the two new cakelette flavors. Both the banana hazelnut chocolate chip and passion fruit & almond cakelette are quite nice; Lots of flavor, moist rich cake and tasty flavor combinations. But the classic orange olive oil cakelette is definitely my favourite of the three. I love that they take pride in their ingredients and that I can pronounce and identify everything they put into their treats.

Queen B Pastry Toronto

And it's not just me who thinks these cookies and cakelettes are delicious. I was meeting with my fascinator designer the day I received my box of Queen B goodness and I offered her a treat of her choosing. Here's what Elizabeth wrote on the box:

Crownie Queen B Pastry Toronto gluten free

"Best cookie of the year" from a non-gluten-free gal? See, it's not just my bias. They're all kinds of awesome.

Queen B Pastry products are available in a wide variety of retailers and coffee shops around the GTA. I love being able to enjoy a gluten free, dairy free treat alongside a tea when I head to the Rooster or Crema or any of the many other places their cute little logo is popping up. Thanks to David & the awesome peeps at Queen B for making my day with such a sweet delivery!

Learn more about Queen B Pastry on their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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Stephanie fusco said...

Last time I checked, I work just down the street from your office where said treats were delivered... :p

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