Popsicles for Ashley

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ashley was coming over for a lunch date yesterday and I promised her popsicles. 

I posted the link to my Summer of Popsicles Pinterest board and asked her to weigh in on which she preferred. She gave me a few options and I decided on the mango-kiwi-raspberry ones. We had a super yummy lunch, and amid our epic chat enjoyed some delicious popsicles for dessert. We also discovered that popsicles make great fuel for cabaret discussions. Oh yes, the next one is coming. 

They were awesome. Ashley even quipped that they were like "an f-ing orgasm in [her] mouth" - I don't disagree. I tweaked the recipe a bit, subbing agave for the simple syrup and only using it in the kiwi and raspberry segments and didn't really wait as long as the recipe called for before pouring in the next fruit puree. Yes, I'm getting cocky with my popsicle making, but if these guys are any indication, I'm getting pretty freakin' good at it. 

We've both been busy and haven't had a lot of time to recharge together, so yesterday was really important to both of us. She's such a big part of my life, and when we don't see one another for a little while I feel a bit incomplete and off. She's someone I bounce ideas off of, a person who makes me laugh about the most ridiculous things, someone I can count on when I'm down and the person who goes off on tangents even worse than my own. (Yesterday it had to do with sperm whales and then sperm and whales). When she's not around I just feel disconnected and I really don't like that. 

We talked a bit about an article I had tweeted yesterday that discussed why it's harder to make friends as we grow older and it reinforced why I feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of friends like Ash, my Jessie and my Melly in my life. They've been with me through a lot, and know the back story to the back story and sometimes I feel like they know me better than I do myself. I feel so blessed to have them as a part of my life. This does not discredit the relationships that I've built and established more recently, as I am incredibly thankful for them as well (and they are awesome!), but there is something truly unique and special about those friends who have known you the longest. 

Sometimes life just calls for simple things - amazing friends (who sometimes share your name), popsicles and epic conversations in the sunroom. 

Thoughts on making friends as you grow older? What do you think the difference is (if any)? Do you feel differently about the friends that have known you for ages or the ones you've made more recently?


Amanda said...

I love when I see pictures of the two of you. Name twins are always special, and it's easy to see that you ladies can both communicate without even talking.

I still find friends easy to make (but I'm not yet 30), although I do see how finding a best friend would be hella complicated. Also, there is something to be said about the excitement of connecting with someone new and being able to present yourself fresh, and tell all your stories for the first time, and get to know all the details about someone new that makes life so awesome.

In short: all friends are awesome friends.

Tom said...

I think it's harder to make friends as you get older, but I also find I tend to look for different things in friends. Where it used to be I tended to just look for similar people around me, now I look for awesome people who inspire me, and who are pleasant to be around. I think others look for friends who can do something for them from a business perspective.

Though I still don't really fully know how to make friends outside of some kind of forced social environment, like work or school! That seems to elude me!

p.s. I read your blog often through the reader so it may have been around for a while and I didn't notice, but I LOVE the new blog design!

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