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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cue song… I can’t believe I missed seeing Cass McCombs in Toronto when I was away…

It’s felt like summer since I’ve been back from St. Lucia with lots of social events, merriment, debauchery and basically a whole lotta love. Which is fitting since Hallmark just told us that it was Valentine’s Day!

Last Wednesday I was Reggy’s date for the Dr. Marten’s #firstandforever launch party.

reggy & ash love

It was super squishy, but it was awesome to see some great prints by some very cool bloggers, check out the spring line and dance the night away with my hot date.

In the spirit of love and V Day…

v day desk

we headed to Love a Heart on Thursday where Reggy and Christine among others were being auctioned off in the name of charity!

redhead reddress

I had a blast being a total instigator all night. While I did a lot of bidding, I didn’t actually end up winning a date, but I did manage to help get Reggy to sell for $275, Christine for $300 and this fine man for over $1000. The evening raised more than $11,000 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation, which is pretty amazing.

reggy & ash love a heart

Congratulations to Miss Shannon for putting together a successful evening. If you missed the event, you missed some pretty great moments, like this one…

christine & ash love a heart

Oh dear.

It was great to have quality time with two of my favourite ladies and causing trouble as “Charlie’s Angels”. I’m so thankful for the social media sphere as without it, I likely would have never met these two incredible women along with many of the other awesome folks I hung out with all night. Huge win.

On Sunday I got to sing at a super special event at the Cadillac Lounge. My dear friend Megan (who wrote the musical Breadwinner that I was in a couple years ago) was turning 40, and to celebrate she put on an incredible show and invited some special guests to come perform along with her. Including me!

meganmegan's bday 1megan's bday 2

Wowzers that lady can sing. I had a blast singing a great Ryan Scott Oliver tune called To Do, with the ridiculously talented Ben Foran on guitar. It was such a pleasure to share the stage with some amazingly talented folks and to be a part of Megan’s special day. Happy birthday lovely!!

Finally, I hit up Tweetgasm at the Gladstone on Monday, which was an official Toronto Social Media Week event, where I was interviewed by the stunning Cynthia Loyst from InnerSPACE about flirting in social media and other fun stuff. We also played dirty bingo and laughed a lot. Amazeballs.

And finally Tuesday I hung out with two of my favourite ladies (Dani & Lisahave you read about her amazing trip!?) for a little lovefest at Fresh. It was so great to connect with such wonderful women and share our love on V Day!

love fest v day

So much awesome. So much love.


Amanda said...

It's official. I need to be friends with your friends. Renewed huge effort to attend girls nights and brunches and stuff! Why do you make everything look so fun?

Ashley Gibson said...

1. Yes please.
2. Everything is this fun
2a. Partially because I smile a lot and wear flowers in my hair.
3. Everything really is this fine despite smiles and flowers.

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