Re-Fuelling With A Mini Vacation, Sunshine and Ashley x2 Adventures

Friday, August 6, 2010

I’m still in blissed-out vacation mode, so I’ll let the pictures do the talkingSANY4255 Fuelling up for the bus ride with some scrambled tofu with kaleSANY4259 On the streetcar to the bus station with my bags and food ready to go! I brought veggie burgers, some fruits & veggies, cooked quinoa, soy milk, cereal and some snacks with me. Ashley’s family was so sweet about accommodating me, but I just wanted to be sure I would be okay!  SANY4270The family cottage was in a super cute little resort called Sherkston Shores, located near Fort Erie. Their cottage was adorable and everything we needed was within walking distance (although most of the people there have golf carts which they adorn and soup up like cars… it’s a very strange phenomenon) I ate so much yummy fruit and salad while I was thereSANY4269SANY4280The hardest decision I honestly made on my mini-vacation was the ratio of time spent at the beach vs. time spent at the pool vs. time napping.  SANY4273SANY4277SANY4278We spent our days at the beach and/or pool spending time in the water, chatting, reading, planning our cabaret or just relaxing. We usually followed this up with a nap for good measure and then frolicked around the resort in the evening. There were some pina coladas and daiquiris involved, lots of laughing, trouble and many people knowing us as “the Ashley’s”.

It was Ashley’s mom’s birthday on Tuesday, so we took a trip to nearby Niagara Falls to check out the Maid of the Mist. SANY4294SANY4297SANY4298 SANY4311 It was a lot of fun. They weren’t kidding about it being misty and I was certainly happy to be sporting my super-flattering blue rain poncho. Being back in Niagara Falls reminded me of my vacation last year, but I was so happy to be there with such a good friend and managed to really enjoy myself. SANY4309 We went to Sandstone for dinner, and as I learned last year, Niagara Falls doesn’t really cater to the gluten free vegans in the world. I opted for a margaritaSANY4313 and a Greek salad without fetaSANY4314 and a side order of rice.

Where is the rice you ask? Well, when they brought me the rice, the waiter mentioned something about it being 7-grain. I asked him what else was in it, and soon discovered that it contained barley, which is not gluten free. Argh!! I asked for something to replace it and was served up a plate of French fries. Rice debacle aside, it was a really fun night and Ashley’s mum had a great birthday.

I was sad to say goodbye to the beach on Wednesday, but was able to get in another full day of sunshine, SPF 50 sunscreen and quality time with Ash. SANY4329 SANY4325SANY4337 A vacation was exactly what I needed. Thank you to Ashley and her family for making me feel so welcome!! I came back to the city on Wednesday night feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after lots of rest, sunshine, and beautiful weather without my laptop or cell phone. I am in such a great mood, feeling inspired, motivated and ready to make the most of the last month of summer!!

How was your long weekend? Have you taken any vacation time this summer? How do you feel following a great vacation?


LauraA said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation, yay! I love that you were known as "The Ashely's" around the resort haha. Not that I'm surprised!

GF Gidget said...

We took a mini-vacation to Pensacola this weekend!

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