My first Laptop Lunch

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Okay so I have to tell you about my new obsession that is scaring my fiance - Laptop Lunches. Now I have to say that since joining Weight Watchers, I have developed a passion for food. I love cooking, baking, planning lunches, planning meals, making grocery lists and grocery shopping. It brings me a lot of joy and my fiance really likes it as well!

I usually pack our lunch every day. Sometimes it is exciting (homemade soup or leftovers from the previous night) and sometimes it's pretty mundane (a sandwich).

A few weeks ago I was in a store near my house and I saw these containers called Laptop Lunches. They are reusable lunch containers with various compartments and lids. I stood there looking at the containers, trying to decide if we would use them, if Joey would think it was silly and couldn't make a decision so I left the store. Today a poster on the GDT mentioned them again and I had a look at the site and then started looking at other sites - this whole Bento lunch box phenomenon is HUGE!! You can find pictures on the
site or if you search flickr you'll come up with 3,444 pictures of Laptop Lunches. I marched back to the store near my house and purchased two - a pink and a blue - for Joey and I. The set include the box, 5 smaller containers (2 with lids), a fork and a spoon. Everything fits together nicely and I'm also happy that it will be good for the earth as we'll be producing less waste with fewer plastic baggies, forks and spoons.
Here is my first attempt:

Lunch for Joey and I tomorrow includes leftover Shepherd's Pie, some carrots with hummus and two homemade cookies. While I'm not sure I'll take pictures of my lunch every day, I've rediscovered my passion for packing lunches and I'm excited to encorporate some more variety into my daily routine! Joey thinks I've gone off my rocker a little, but I'm sure he'll smile tomorrow around 12:00 and he opens up his fantastic lunch.

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Anonymous said...

That is SO cool!! I am gonna try to get one! Will definitely help prepare a healthy, portion controlled lunch!! :)

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