Olympic Challenge - Week One

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Friday marks the opening of the 2008 Summer Olympics. I love watching the Olympics and enjoy a variety of sports including swimming, diving, gymnastics, boxing among others.

This week I'm starting a challenge for my members. Each week there will be a new challenge to complete and something to bring into the meeting the following week. At the end I'll do a draw for a fun prize :)

If you're not a member of one of my meetings, please feel free to participate online. I can't promise you a fun prize, but I love hearing what everyone else is doing and I think a challenge is always good to ramp up motivation!!

I'll post some quotes tomorrow (I can't seem to find them online), but Olympic athletes truly love what they do. They enjoy their sports so much and are truly passionate about training. As a non-Olympic athlete I find that I can approach exercise and activity with a sense of dread if I don't enjoy what I'm doing. This is exactly the reason I quit the gym where I was a member. I didn't like the facilities, the people who worked there nor did I particularly enjoy the act of running on a treadmill. I've found that once I found something I really liked doing (bellydancing and softball to be specific!) I really enjoyed my activity and actually looked forward to it!

So this week's challenge is...
Find an activity you love and do it!

Maybe you already know what that activity is or maybe you haven't found it yet. This week I encourage you to either partake in an activity that you already enjoy, or try something new! Maybe you've always wanted to take a pilates class or you've wanted to join in that pick-up softball game at the park. This week is your opportunity!!

Whether you're one of my members, or not, please join in the "Olympic spirit" and post a comment about the activity you did this week and why you love it!!


Ashley Gibson said...

I have to say I had the most amazing belly dance class last night!! My teacher is amazing and it's an amazing workout. We went over time by about 20 minutes, but I loved every second of it.

I also played softball on Monday and it was a great game! We won 22-5 and I was 4/5 at bat with 3 RBI's!

Who's next? Tell me about the activities you've done this week that you love!


Caroline MD said...

Hello Ashley,

I too love the Olympics and look forward to cheering Canada on! This week I attended my tap and jazz dance classes. Dancing is one of my favourite exercises! It is a great way to stay in shape and relieve stress! Dancing is my sport!

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