Things I've Learned about Softball

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I played in my second official softball game last night. We're now 1-1, with a 20-19 win last night. I'm very proud of how I've played thusfar. I mean I'm not ready for the Jays or anything even close, but I feel like I'm holding my own. Last night I was 3/3 at bat and I was 3/4 last game. Last night I even picked up a couple ground balls and threw back into the infield with some pretty solid throws.

Here are some things I've learned:
  1. There really is no "I" in team - softball is a team sport and there's always someone there to back you up, support you or coach you. I always know there's someone else there to help me out on a play or someone who is going to be on the recieving end of the ball.

  2. Positive self talk goes a long way - especially when convincing yourself "the ball is my friend", "I will catch that ball", "I will hit", "I will run fast"

  3. A solid single is a good thing - there's really no need to go nuts out there. Go ahead and move in for me when you see that I'm a girl and I don't hold the bat like a slugger. That doesn't mean that my single isn't going to be important to the team's progress. A solid single is a lot better than a pop fly that is caught by a skilled outfielder.

  4. Sometimes softball is a contact sport - just suck it up and don't cry and explain nicely to your fiance later that you only snapped at him because the ball had just hit you between your shoulder blades while heading to third base

  5. Run like hell - because you might have a crazy batter behind you and you need to get your butt to the next base because he's not allowed to lap you. A good sprint never hurt anyone.

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