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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Core de Force is here! (And so am I!)

This is a brand new mixed martial arts (MMA) style program from trainers Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. I have been excited for this new home workout since it was announced at Summit in July and even more so after trying it out twice in October.

I fell in love with Joel and Jericho when I was on the cruise. I loved their energy, the intensity of their workouts and found them both to be super motivating. I've had the chance to meet both of them a couple of times now and workout with them live, and not only are they awesome trainers, they are just wonderful people!

What can you expect from CORE DE FORCE?

A super fun, results-driven workout that will blast your core and shred your entire body using fight-style combinations and simple, but highly effective conditioning exercises that'll make you feel invincible!

Joel and Jericho have packed authentic MMA-inspired moves and interval training into a 3-minute round structure. This allows everyone to work at their own pace, learn the combinations, and spike their heart rate all within each round!

The workouts mix moves from boxing, kickboxing and muy thai with bodyweight training and core conditioning to pack a real punch in 30-45 minute workouts over the course of 30 days. There are 8 workouts that you rotate through over the 30 days including MMA Speed, MMA Shred, MMA Power, MMA Plyo, Power Sculpt, Dynamic Recovery + 2 relief / recovery workouts. There are 3 additional advanced workouts that you can add in as part of the 'deluxe kit' which include Agility Strength, Agility Power and MMA Kick Butt.

There is a modifier for each exercise and the workouts don't require any equipment! So this workout is awesome for anyone looking to change up their fitness routine, push through a plateau, work specifically on their core or get started with a workout to work towards their health and fitness goals. This program would be amazing for anyone who enjoys MMA or kick-boxing workouts, or previously loved Joel and Jericho in BodyCombat with Les Mills! 

The meal plan is based on the portion fix, which is all about fuelling your body with delicious foods in healthy portions. If you've ever seen those rainbow-coloured containers or dabbled in the 21 Day Fix you'll be familiar with the eating plan. If it's brand new to you - that's a-ok! It's easy to follow and there are great resources and recipes included with the workout. I'll also be there every step of the way!

Because you KNOW that I'm jumping into this program too!

I have been needing some extra motivation of late and really need to get my butt in gear -- so this program is EXTRA exciting to me right now. I would love for you to jump in with me in November!

I'll be sharing my journey throughout the program and am stoked to have some added accountability from a group of folks doing it with me. What do you think we could accomplish in 30 days?? 

Fill in the form below or RSVP to our November group. We're getting started on Monday November 7, and this would be an awesome way to make November count as we get ready to head into the holiday season.

Fill out my online form.
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