What Does a Beachbody Coach Do?

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

If you've been following my posts for awhile, you may have thought to yourself - aside from posting sweaty selfies and food pictures, what the heck do Beachbody coaches actually do?

The answer? A lot.

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I am consider myself a...

Health & fitness coach.
Support network.
Lover of great food.
Person who believes in you, even before you do.

As a coach I...
  • Help people get set up with amazing home workouts, a superfood shake and other things to help them reach their goals.
  • Run monthly online groups to provide ongoing support, accountability and motivation to help my challengers get their very best results.
  • Message people behind the scenes to see how they're doing with their workouts, eating, planning, goals -- and also how they're doing in life.
  • Provide inspiration, input and guidance with meal planning, recipes and healthy living tips.
  • Work on my own transformation through awesome workout programs, healthy eating and personal development.
  • Connect with an incredible network of coaches who I learn from all the time and who inspire me constantly.
  • Feel inspired by my challengers, fellow coaches and everyone that I've connected with along the way - they keep me accountable and motivated in everything that I'm doing!
  • Share my journey, every step of the way.
  • Mentor a team of coaches to do all of the above.
Accountability is a key component in being a Beachbody Coach

I am not a fitness expert, nutritionist, or snazzy ninja -- I've been on my own health journey over the last ten years and I love having the chance to help others, whilst sharing all that I've learned along the way. This role provides a chance for people with a desire to help others and work on their own transformation while having an amazing opportunity to do something BIGGER.

If you're thinking to yourself...

"that sounds like something I'd like to do"

or maybe you've been thinking about 2016 and what you'd like it to look like for yourself. If you would like to have an opportunity to help others and connect with a group of like-minded individuals, now is the time!! 

Community is a huge perk of being a Beachbody Coach

I am hosting a 3 day sneak peek into coaching beginning tomorrow. It will give you an insider's view into what this whole coaching thing is all about and how it could change your life.

Fill in my coach application to save your spot in our sneak peek -- take the leap and let's make 2016 your very best year! 

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