Insanity Progress Photos - Round One

Friday, August 29, 2014

I am about to finish week four of Insanity which is absolute craziness! (You can read my thoughts about weeks one, two and three) I am looking forward to be heading into 'Recovery Week' next week but am mildly terrified for month 2 of the program which is bound to be even more INSANE.

On Monday I took some progress pictures and compared them to day one and was happily surprised by the results. In just 22 days you can absolutely see some changes in my body and that was incredibly motivating for me this week while I was doing my workouts!

I am proud to have been working through this program and now it's amazing to see that hard work paying off! Not only am I seeing progress, but I'm also feeling stronger which is really cool.

I've got Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs later today and one more go at my nemesis, Plyo tomorrow and then it's time for Recovery Week. I'm motivated to work even hard to see more progress over the next few weeks and FINISH Insanity this time around!! Thanks for your sweet comments and encouragement over on Instagram and for those of you who have been commenting here. It means so much to me!!

Happy long weekend, friends!!

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