Insanity - My First Week

Monday, August 11, 2014

As of Saturday, I have completed my first week of Insanity! This is the second furthest I have gotten in this journey and am determined to make this attempt the time that I FINISH IT!! Here's a glimpse at how the week went for me... 

Monday - Fit Test
Straightaway, the Insanity Fit Test reminded me of just how tough Insanity really is. I was sweaty. I was tired. But I was thankful that my starting numbers weren't all lower than a previous attempt (documented on my Insanity poster). I was also reminded that Power Jumps are totally ridiculous and I'm really hoping that the next 63 days are going to help me with my sad, sad pushup (which will be helpful for the Push-Up Jacks in the Fit Test. I recorded my measurements, weighed myself and took some before pictures. I will be sharing my results as the weeks go on!

Tuesday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
This workout is my least favourite. By far. I realize that it has plyometric in the title, but wowzers is there a lot of jumping!! Also, the Insanity 'warm up' is essentially a workout in itself. I was dripping sweat by about minute 5. I had to take a nap to get through the day following this workout.

Wednesday - Cardio Power & Resistance 
Woke up feeling pretty sore and after this workout, required a hot bath AND a nap to get through the day. I somehow don't mind this workout. It's certainly not easy, but for whatever reason it's less difficult to feel motivated to finish it. I had forgotten how much Shaun T makes me giggle and how much of a BEAST Tania is!

via Buzzfeed '24 Things that Happen when you Decide to do Insanity'
Thursday - Cardio Recovery
Recovery. Thank heavens. I NEEDED this workout to a) recover and b) feel GOOD at something in Insanity. I feel like there are a ton of moves I need to modify / can only do a few (if any!!) reps / are supremely hard and a lot of the Cardio Recovery workout involves balance (thanks yoga!) + squats and lunges (thanks boot camp / personal trainers!). I found this really motivating and exactly what I needed in the middle of the week to help me push through.

Friday - Pure Cardio
I did this workout in the morning, before worky, which is new for me! I'm usually better after at least one meal, later in my day but my schedule just wasn't going to allow for that with this one. Part of getting into the routine of working out 6 out of 7 days each week is figuring out where to schedule it in. It was great to get this workout done and over with in the morning. The title of this one doesn't lie - the core of this workout is 15 cardio moves for a minute each done consecutively. So. Much. Sweat.

Saturday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Gah, this one AGAIN?! Due to a crazy day, I didn't get to my workout until late and wanted to push stop SO MANY TIMES. I realized that I would be letting myself down if I gave up after a strong first week and persevered. It wasn't my finest workout, but I did it. And then slept like a baby.

Sunday - Rest Day

I focused mostly on my workouts this week while maintaining the way I normally eat and drinking lots of water. I want to pay more attention to my eating for week two to make sure that I'm nourishing and fueling my body while getting the most out of the program. My challenge group is keeping me incredibly motivated and it's awesome to watch the other participants' success as well! I'm excited to get back at it today with Cardio Power & Resistance and work up to next week's Fit Test. I've still got a lot of work (and 53 days) ahead of me, but this week pushed me and I'm feeling good about the results I'm determined to see!

How do you stay motivated when you're doing something new (and difficult!)?


Sadia said...

Amazing! I am on week 5 and am loving it. It's challenging finding the time for it sometimes though. Also, I LOVE your glasses. You gotta tell me what they are!

Ashley Gibson said...

Congrats girl - that's awesome!!!

My glasses are from a place in Toronto called Specs on Specs. They're a random brand called Binli and I love them too!! Thanks so much xo

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