Must Have Been Something i Ate–Week 3 #52dts + A Giveaway

Monday, May 16, 2011

Given who I am and what I do, I tend to think about food a lot. Over the last couple weeks I’ve been thinking about it even more as I’ve been reading a new book about food and how it affects us:peggy_book_mockup_FI#4E9E62I was really excited when the awesome folks at Vega contacted me about reviewing Peggy Kotsopolous’ book Must Have Been Something I Ate.

For years, people have been turning to their medicine chests as an arsenal for fighting the funk…but what if you could find the best anti-depressants, sleeping pills, memory supplements and even broken heart antidotes in your kitchen? According to Registered Holistic Nutritionist Peggy Kotsopoulos, you can.

“There are elements of our lives—careers, relationships, finances—that we have no control over,” she explained. “Our diet, on the other hand, we have complete control over, and luckily it is a powerful tool for elevating our moods and in turn combating issues, like how to get more energy, how to lose weight, and how to relieve stress and to reduce anxiety.”

Her philosophy sounded right up my alley and I instantly loved the beautiful, fresh design and pretty food pictures. The book is broken down into sections food’s connection to mood, weight, beauty and healthy with chapters focusing on things like energy, sleep, sex, metabolism, digestive health, PMS and even muffin tops. Peggy’s writing is fun, friendly and easy to follow. There are diagrams and charts to illustrate her ideas and a collection of awesome recipes utilizing everything she talks about.

The recipes are whole food focused, mostly vegan (there is cheese used in 1 or 2), some raw and really easy to follow and make. So far I’ve made the Thunder Thigh Thinning vegetable soup, BeYOUtifying cleansing cocktail and the creamy coconut kelp noodles. SANY5171It was my first time making kelp noodles and was impressed with how easy they were to deal with! I rinsed them a lot before mixing them together with the other ingredients and sauce, but loved their intriguing texture and neutral flavor. Peggy’s coconut sauce was all kinds of amazing and I’ve definitely been enjoying this dish for lunch for the past couple of days. The veggie soup was incredibly easy and the cleansing cocktail was similar to my fav morning juice blend. I can’t wait to try more of the recipes, especially the desserts like the “I Heart” key lime pie and quinoa cookies.

The book reminded me of WHY I eat the way I do – to feel the best I possibly can. Sure, weight loss/maintenance is an absolute benefit, but it really comes down to promoting health, wellness and feeling the best that I possibly can. While the book is definitely a little bit female-skewed (references to Oprah, hotties and tips for being a sex vixen will do that) it is light-hearted, accessible, and a fast read. She explains her ideas thoroughly with a good mix of facts and anecdotes and I will definitely be rereading sections of this book that deal with issues close to my well-being as well as making more yummy recipes!

Week 3 – Get Your Eating In Check

Food is such an important part of this whole journey and this week I’d like you to focus on your eating. Is what you’re eating helping you reach your goals and hit your full potential? Are you eating mindfully and nourishing your body? Or are there things in your diet that need to go? How are you keeping track of it?

You challenge this week is to focus on your eating and reflect on your food-life connection. For some of you this is going to be really tough, and for others you’re going to feel like this isn’t even a challenge at all! Be honest with yourself and like the previous challenges, push your limits and see what you can accomplish this week!

Would you like a chance to be inspired by Peggy’s perspective on the food-life connection and try some of her amazing recipes? If the answer is yes, be sure to check out the giveaway post for your chance to win a copy of her book and some samples of Vega products!


aweekfromthursday said...

I can't wait to try kelp noodles. I'm always up for trying new things.

I'm glad this week's challenge is about food. I really need to start building a stronger relationship between food and the nutrients and energy it gives me.

Also, there are quite a few things in my diet that need to go. I'll be sure to post about it later this week. I look forward to week three of this challenge.

health holiday

GregM said...

The WSJ just ran a story connecting Novak Djokovic's recent wins with his adjusted (gluten free) diet.

I'm mostly vegetarian but I do eat meat on occasion, maybe a meal or two each month. Last Thursday I had dinner at my parents', a beautifully cooked tenderloin steak. It was delicious on the plate, the leftovers made for a delicious sandwich but -and this is a big but- I felt tired all day Friday and Saturday morn. Just drained of energy.

Whenever I end up eating something beef again, I'm going to take note of how I feel afterwards. I've had iron issues in the past but I think I've found enough non red meat substitutes that work. Might be time for me to leave some cows alone.

GregM said...

Oh, and since you brought up Vega, Brendan Brazier's Thrive books really helped me sort out what to look for when buying groceries. Especially to help with my iron intake.

LauraA said...

Ordinarily this wouldn't be a really tough challenge for me, but this week will make it interesting since I'm headed to my parents' place for the long weekend and there's bound to be lots of meals out and opportunities for snacking. I guess that just makes it a true challenge!

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