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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tosca Reno is an amazing woman.

After having three children and weighing over 200 lbs for most of her adult life, she decided to turn things around in her 40's. She lost a lot of weight, changed her eating and started appearing on the covers of magazines and is now the author of 6 books and promotes the concept of clean eating to everyone who will listen. I think she's incredibly inspiring!

I was first introduced to the concept of Clean Eating through the magazine with the same name. I started singing the praises of this magazine to friends and fellow members because it aligned itself incredibly well with Weight Watchers and after making a few of the recipes I was hooked! I haven't gotten a subscription yet (I really need to do that...) but I'm always watching for the newest issue. 

The publishers of the Eat Clean series were kind enough to send me the books to review. (Big thank you to Wendy - the package seriously made my day!) I started by reading The Eat Clean Diet book which covers the basics of the clean eating philosophies. It is an easy read with lots of lists, tips and pictures. The basic principles of clean eating are as follows:
  • Eat 5 or 6 small meals every day, eating every 2-3 hours
  • Combine lean protein and complex carbs at every meal
  • Drink at least 2 L (8 cups) of water each day
  • Never miss a meal, especially breakfast
  • Carry a cooler full of Clean Eating staples to get through the day
  • Avoid all over-processed, refined foods (especially white flour and sugar), saturated and trans fats, alcohol, sugary colas and juices and calorie dense foods that contain little to no nutritional value
  • Consume adequate healthy fats each day
  • Choose fresh fruits and veggies for fiber, vitamins and enzymes
  • Keep your portions in check
The book goes into detail on each of these principles, gives the reader tonnes of tips and lists on things like dining out and superfoods. It also provides the reader with a number of recipes. (My only beef with the recipes is that they didn't include the fiber = problematic when calculating Points) I want to try the fritatta, roasted garlic and sweet potato soup and the parchment baked chicken. Clean Eating utilizes a lot of the Filling Foods and many of the recipes will work with the Simply Filling Technique.

My favourite part of the package was The Eat Clean Diet Cookbook. The cookbook contains over 150 different recipes that embody the clean eating way of life. The recipes are easy to follow, include the nutritional information for easy Points calculation and there are beautiful pictures of many of the recipes as well. There are also icons throughout the book to indicate recipes that are wheat-free, vegetarian, vegan fast etc which makes it easy when you're flipping through and trying to decide what to make!

The first recipe I tried were the sweet potato fries. I've made them before, but used the spices recommended in the book and they turned out great! They were sweet and spicy all at once and had a good crunch (without being burnt). Sweet potato fries make me feel like I'm eating junk food!

This past Monday I made the Eat Clean Chicken & rice. This was a simple but incredibly tasty way to prepare chicken with rice and vegetables. I loved the use of fresh thyme and rosemary while cooking the rice and it made my kitchen smell amazing! (Joey even came upstairs to see what was cooking) I used a bit more liquid than was recommended to cook the rice and the recipe yielded quite a bit so there were a lot for leftovers for lunches. I used organic carrots, broccoli & edamame and the veggies really shone in this dish.

I also intended to make the split pea soup this week but unfortunately that didn't happen! I will make it this weekend or early next week because I have all the ingredients ready to go!

I'm really happy with the recipes I've tried so far and I'm looking forward to more! Next up on my agenda will be "Spring in a Bowl" (yummy sounding soup with spring veggies), Moroccan chicken and Lentils, and some clean eating guacamole. I highly recommend the cookbook! For those of you with little ones, Tosca has also written a book called The Eat Clean Diet for Families and Kids

I love Tosca's story and I find myself gravitating more and more towards clean eating. Since doing WW my eating has really changed a lot, but I have found that lately with my food sensitivities I'm really getting back to basics and have cut out a lot of the processed stuff that I used to eat before and my body is thanking me for it!. 

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for -- my very first giveaway!!
I've got copies of the Eat Clean Diet Workout, Workout Journal and the Butt Book to give away to one lucky reader! Both the Workout book and journal are filled with tips and motivation to help you tone your body and make improvements to your physique and health. The Butt Book helps you to tone your tush with specific exercises, some clean eating recipes and tips and answers from Tosca. She has an amazing body and has been featured on the cover of a lot of magazines, so I feel like she knows what she's talking about in the workout department!!

There are four different ways you can win:
  • Leave me a comment and tell me how you employ any of the clean eating principles into your daily routine 

  • Leave a comment with your favourite Clean Eating recipe

  • Post about this giveaway on your blog, link to my post and then leave a comment to let me know

  • Add yourself as a follower or subscribe to my blog and then post a comment to let me know

You'll receive one entry for the contest for each way that you enter. Please be sure to include your email address (or if you have a blog make sure it's visible there) The contest will close at 11:59pm on Wednesday April 8th (my birthday) at which point I will use a random number generator to choose 1 winner. Contest is only open to residents of Canada and the US. I'm so excited to be doing a giveaway!! GOOD LUCK!


Ashley said...

hi! i'm entering for a chance to win :) i definitely try to eat 5-6 small meals a day. i find that it keeps me from overeating if i have a little bit to eat and know i'm having a little bit more very soon, and since i do weight watchers also, portion control is a MUST. thanks for the giveaway!

Becki said...

ASH!! Great idea with the giveaway!
I've seen this book in the store so many times, and I've always wanted to pick it up, but haven't yet. It's on my list.
The pages that I flipped through/read are exactly what you wrote!
Concentrating on small meals, lots of water, BREAKFAST!
I'm super pumped for this week. I commited myself to try new fruits and vegetables because I just eat the basic's. So the three I promised to try this week for added fibre are artichokes, chick peas and mango's! (I know, weird, I've never had a mango! I lived a sheltered life. haha)

Anyways, lovvvvvvvvvvvve to you and your blog! :)

Becca55 said...

I have traded in all the junk food, for whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies, Lean meats like chicken and turkey 93% ground beef on occasion. I use my George foreman Grill and I love it, food tastes great without all the added stuff like butter, fat and oils. I dont skip breakfast its important to me, and tho I dont always eat 5-6 times a day I sure try to. I have been folowing your blog for awhile now, and also have a link to your blog on my own page. I was just reading about the eat clean books a few days ago. Was hoping to maybe find them at the library. Thanks for the tips and the post! Would love to win as these books would be very helpfull for me and my family.

Danielle said...

I subscribed to your blog just now (but I've had it on my google reader for about 2 months :-) )

Danielle said...

In terms of my favourite Clean Eating recipe, I've made the Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup ( from the Eat Clean Diet website and it's amazing...perfect for winter!

Danielle said...

Aaaand finally, on how I've incorporated the principles of clean eating into my life...

Recently I've been realizing (as I know you have too) that while junk food can taste AMAZING, it is not providing my body with the fuel and nutrients that it needs to be energetic and healthy now, and to fight off diseases that I know we are prone to in fast-food Western culture. So, I've been focusing on avoiding "empty" foods and instead eating foods that I know my body can use :)

KRISTINE said...

Hey Ash ... posted a link to your blog on my own ... and I've been a "follower" for quite some time already. I'm gonna try and find the magazine next time I'm at my natural foods store and maybe the book at the library. I gotta try and get the 5-6 small meals more a part of my lifestyle too. I'm so bad for getting over-hungry and totally missing the signs! Keep it up!

karen4322 said...

I am trying to eat more smaller meals a day and not so much junk food. I am getting there! Thank you for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to eat fresh fruits and veggies.

Creating My Direction said...

I have recently figured out a way to get a good balanced breakfast in that helps me get my oil in. i do a piece of whole wheat toast, 2 egg whites which i fry in 1 tsp of olive oil. it makes a delicious breakfast that is filling and incorporates my carbs, protein, and oil.

Alya said...

Hi Ash! I'm really excited about your giveaway! I've become a follower of your blog, and I'm going to try to avoid all over-processed and refined foods, foods that are high in sat and trans fats and basically all the other junk that i normally eat. Although i usually eat within my daily points allowance- alot of the food i eat has very little nutritional value (such as granola bars and muffins!)... so from now on i'm going to try to make my meals more wholesome and nutritional =]. See you in next saturday's meeting!

silverhartgirl said...

Never miss a meal, especially breakfast. I used to never eat breakfast bit now i am eating it everyday

silverhartgirl said...

I blogged about your giveaway here

Reva Skie said...

I eat mini meals every few hours. I love the grazing approach. You can eat much less and still be satisfied by not getting ravenous.

Michele said...

Thank you for the contest. We are trying to change the way we eat so that we can become healthy and teach our children to be healthier. I try to add new veggies and fruits to our daily diets and using olive oil in place of regular cooking oil as well as some other changes. I'd love to enter for this book, it sounds like a lot of good and useful information.

Emilie said...

I already try to eat 5-6 small meals a day rather than 3 big ones, and I try to avoid processed foods and white flours/sugars.

Emilie said...

And I'm following the blog!

nfmgirl said...

I used to "eat clean". Then came the boyfriend and his horrible influence. Now I am trying to get back into eating clean again. One of the biggest things I'm trying to do is eat more fruits and veggies. I am even starting a garden, so that I can grow my own!

nfmgirl said...

One of my favorite "healthful" dishes:

Raw Marinara Sauce

1 ripe tomato, seeded and chopped
1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, soaked and oil-packed
1/2 red pepper, chopped
2 tbs EVO
1 tbs minced fresh basil, or 1 tsp dried
1 tsp dried oregano
1/2 tsp crushed garlic (1 clove)
1/4 tsp salt
Dash black pepper
Dash cayenne

Place all ingredients in food processor and process until smooth. Stop occasionally to scrape down the sides of the bowl with rubber spatula. Serve over cooked spaghetti squash. Will keep 3 days in sealed container in frig.

judyv12306 said...

This is on my must read list.

Anonymous said...

recently found your blog(friend recommended) and love it. It's a struggle for me, food that is. I have lots of your blog to read, but thank you for being out there. Would love to be entered in a chance to win this book. Thx.

A Reader said...

I bring 4 bottles of water to work everyday to drink throughout the day.
Thanks for the giveaway!

Corie said...

I could really use a book like this as lately my eating habits have become just horrible...I eat way too much junk food, fast food, and not enough vegetables at all... I really need to get on track and start eating better and I could really benefit from this book as Im ready to change. Plus I really need to start losing weight, my health is starting to suffer. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

gloria said...

I'm trying to eat less junk food and more fruits and vegetables. I'm also trying to drink more water

Katie | said...

I employ the Eat Clean diet by eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day. It keeps me moving and makes me feel better than if I were to eat the "normal" three meals a day.

kkondek at

Katie | said...

The Turkey Tenders with Cranberry Yogurt Dipping Sauce sounds amazing!!

kkondek at

Katie | said...

New follower to your website!

kkondek at

Miranda Ward said...

I love Fruits

rlgrady said...

I am really trying to eat better. I have started having fruit smoothies for breakfast. My son is encouraging me to become a vegetarian like him, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that!

Ilissa said...

I try and do this daily: Drink at least 2 L (8 cups) of water each day.

Lately I have been keeping a cup beside the kitchen sink. Then, when I go in the kitchen and see the cup, it reminds me to drink some water.

Ilissa said...

I follow your blog.

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