Friday Check In Numero Uno–52 Days Til Summer

I’m THRILLED that more than 25 people have signed up for this challenge between the blog, twitter and facebook!! So incredibly exciting and I know that y’all are going to accomplish some amazing things before summer!

My Week

One of my commitments is around physical activity. General activity and more yoga. Here was my week including plans for the weekend:

Sunday: 90 minute Bikram yoga class
Monday: 30 Day Shred
Tuesday: Nada
Wednesday: Nada
Thursday: 60 minute
Fit Chicks Boot Camp sopretty(Yup. That’s' how happy I was when boot camp was over)
Friday: 30 minute run at lunch (or class if I make it on time!)
Saturday: 45 mins cardio

I would like to work towards doing the 30 Day Shred on days when I can’t squeeze in an outside workout, but sometimes I’m way too busy or just not home enough. It was a busy week and I’m proud of the work that I did!

Another one of my commitments is around tracking my food intake and I’m happy to report that I have been tracking everything! I’ve been using e-tools this week and really loving it. Makes everything so easy to calculate and keeps me accountable. Love. It.

Speaking of eating… I ate some pretty yummy meals this week. On Wednesday I had a picnic with Nicole which was totally awesome!! I made the spring awakening salad from the Crazy Sexy Life siteSANY5160and she brought some delicious roasted veggies plus Mary’s cracker sticks and hummus. SANY5161We followed our delicious vegan lunch up with one of these awesome (and unpictured) breakfast cookies that were so delicious. I made them with quinoa flakes instead of oats and added some dark chocolate chips. Next time I would use less sugar, because I don’t think they need as much (especially with the chocolate chips) but they were stupendous and really easy!

I also had Jessie over for dinner before boot camp last night and made some green chile enchiladas that I had seen in the new Weight Watchers magazine. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!SANY5163Ours did not look like that. SANY5165BUT they were delicious, oh-so-easy and awesome fuel for our workout. I have no idea how to make them prettier, but I am not ashamed of my non-blog-worthy photo!

I sang in a cabaret on Sunday and felt awesome in this dressSANYO DIGITAL CAMERAYay for positive self talk! It was a really awesome show. I love that I get to do what I love so often.

Some #52dts shout-outs going to my dearest darling Jessie for kicking butt last night at boot camp and to Laura (my best friend from the 6th great who is all kinds of awesome) for getting back on track and remotivated with the challenge.

There will be a new challenge up on Monday. Please feel free to link to any blog posts you’ve written about the challenge and don’t forget to use the #52dts hashtag when tweeting. My twitter doesn’t want me to create a list apparently, so hopefully I will have that done over the weekend.

Now it’s your turn!

How was your week? How did you find the challenge? Did you come up with some compelling reasons that truly resonate with you? What are your commitments? How did you begin to work them into your life?


8 comments: said...

You my friend are all kinds of inspiration!
My goals for this week were to quit my crummy gym and rejoin one that I like, getting 8 hours of sleep a night and just taking it easy and letting myself and my body relax. Next week I am gearing up for some supercharged workouts and as alwasy, good healthy eats!
Thank you for being such a posistive, encouraging role model. You are such a beautiful person inside and out.

Leah said...

How was your week? How did you find the challenge? Did you come up with some compelling reasons that truly resonate with you? What are your commitments? How did you begin to work them into your life?

I still haven't done my post about this challenge. Grrr... I will soon, promise! :-) It's such a great one that really spoke to me and came at such an opportune time for me.

My reasons:
1) health! Time to be the healthiest I've ever been; if not now, then when?
2) my goal jeans. Yep, I have a pair of goal jeans, size 10s that I have dreamt of fitting back into since I started this WLJ as a size 20. I'm almost into a 12 now, now I'm making real progress with this one!
3) NYC skinny. This one is definately the most vain goal I have, but I'm planning to be a New Yorker within the next few years, and I want to be one of the skinny and beautiful ones. (size 10 skinny, not size 0 skinny)

These all resonate equally with me, and are at the forefront of my mind every time I make a healthy or less than healthy decision.

1) Stick to the Power Foods as much as I can! (I'm on the SFT, so this one is getting easier)
2) Don't eat junk food just because I can. Only eat it if it's what I REALLY WANT
3) Exercise 6 days a week, increase the time now that school's out for the summer

Lulu B said...

you are doing so well , keep up the good work.
My week has been like this;
Monday - naff all as it was a bank holiday
Tuesday - 30 Minute run
Wednesday - Gym for 1hr 30m mins
Thursday - Abs class & Circuits class
Today - Swimming after work.

My foosd intake has been really healthy as well and i already feel amazing for it! xx :o)

Jennifer Hunt said...

you look so cute in that dress!
My first week of the challenge has been on. Was kind of upset because I got to the gym 5 minutes too late for the body flow class and couldn't go in :(.. but I did do an hour of cardio instead.

I plan on going to body flow Sunday,Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday :). I really love it. and find it makes my back feel so good (scoliosis).

Leah said...

Link to my blog about your challenge

LauraA said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! So far so good for me, my eating has been right on track and I've worked out twice this week so far, and plan to work out today and tomorrow to meet my activity goal. The weekend is starting so we'll see how I do with my goal to not slack off on the weekends. PS love your dress!!

Melissa said...

OK so my week was not as great as I was hoping but it was still an improvement from what I was doing before. My husband finally got my elliptical put together on Wednesday night and I love using it.

I did really well eating during the week but some how my weekends are never as good. This is my goal is to eat as good as the weekend as I do during the week.

I also want to get up early in the morning to do a morning workout and then continue with my elliptical in the evening.

Reasons why I doing this. I really want to look in the mirror and be proud of how I look. And I want to feel as beautiful on the outside as I feel on the inside.

I can't wait to see what Monday's challenge will be!

Katie said...

Hi Ash!

I just got back from NYC last night, so I'll print off your calendar and start today. I already tracked my breakfast! And since I did a TON of walking while in New York, I'll be giving myself some activity stickers. :)