The Nasty T Word and Other Musings Of a Fit Chick

That nasty T word being tabata of course.


What’s tabata? Well, it’s 4 minutes of death of alternating 20 second high intensity sets with 10 seconds of rest. Here were some of our thoughts on last night’s camp:

Tabatas + cardio with weights should be illegal
Especially when burpees with weights are involved!!
Jumpfrogs should not happen after the age of 4
Laura’s lucky she’s cute.

There were many tabatas, lots of cardio, tough arm sets and to top it off we finished with an intense ab workout. Not going to lie, it was a tough class and I was very sweaty (especially since I did an hour of bellydancing right before!).This was Jess and I after an evening of tabata goodness at FIT CHICKS last night:SANY5009


Someone asked Jess what kind of boot camp she was doing, to which she replied:

“Cardio. Weights. Drills. Killer”

True story.

I am going to be sore.

But I feel amazing!! Love to be back at camp.

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Katie said...

Glad you're feeling amazing! I might save my pennies and do a session of Fit Chicks... it sounds like just what I need. :)