A Sea of Pink, Love and Inspiration

Yesterday I did my first ever 5km run!SANY4620

Alongside my beautiful FIT CHICKS, I took part in the CIBC Run for the Cure. As I previously mentioned, I’ve never actually ran 5k before. I’ve done my fair share of running at boot camp and with my trainer lately, but have never set out to run a specific distance.

In fact the last time I think I set out to RUN a specific distance was in the 9th grade when I had to do the 12 minute run or the 1600m or something like that. It ended with me FALLING at the end, skidding across the pavement on my knees, bursting out into tears and landing myself a spot in the school office so we could pick the gravel out of my knees.

True story.

Things were a lot more glamorous this time around and it was truly incredible to be surrounded by so much positive energy. SANY4627 SANY4628 I was running with many people in mind, but mostly the mothers of two of my oldest and dearest friends, and of course, Mary. SANY4624 We had a great time getting ready, staying warm and psyching ourselves up for the run.   SANY462337122_1593915295277_1457769923_31556698_5971649_nSANY4631Finally it was race time. I threw in my (pink) earbuds and set off amid a sea of pink. One of the first tracks on my ipod was Chocolate by Snow Patrol with its lyrics, “This could be the very minute, I’m aware I’m alive”, which is exactly how I felt as I ran.

I thought about a lot of things as I ran. These included frivolous things like the chilly temperature, the fact that my earbuds kept getting tangled, and how much I wished I didn’t have a bag with me. My thoughts also included how I was feeling about the prior week’s epic events (more on that later in the week), where I’m currently at in my life and also made me think about the lives of all the women around me. Reading the “Who are you running for” statements of everyone around me broke my heart. Words like mom, my sister, the bride-to-be, and my best friend tore me up inside and I found the event to be very emotional. It reminded me of all the beautiful females in my life, and I was definitely inspired by all of them as I ran.

I hadn’t set a time goal for the run, as I didn’t really know what to expect. I know that lots of people aim for 25 minutes or under, but to be honest, I didn’t really think a lot about my time until I got to the very end and saw the clock and saw the number


It felt really good to have finished in such good time, especially having never done it before! I did take a few minutes to walk, so I’m sure that with proper training I could go even faster. Yay!! 36046_439131877053_512292053_5315759_445703_n SANY4634 As a team we raised more than $3,500! I had such a fun morning with my lovely chicks and am really proud of doing my first 5k. Not sure when I plan on doing it again, but it’s definitely a possibility!! It was an amazing event, and so happy to be a part of it.

Did you take part in the Run for the Cure? What goes through your head when you run?


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So awesome, congratulations on your 1st race, be careful, they're addictive :)