It’s been awhile since I’ve hosted a giveaway and I am so excited for this one!!FIT CHICKSHead over to the Dancing Through Life giveaway page for a chance to win a 4 week GI JANE Boot camp with FIT CHICKS! Be sure to leave your comments here for your chances to win this amazing prize!! Contest closes on Sunday August 29 at 11:59 pm.

Go check it out for your chance to win!


VeganLisa said...

What an amazing giveaway!
I'm throwing my name in the hat.

Val (@valmaloney) said...

So...this contest is amazing!

I would love to win and attend the September session in my soon to be new neighborhood, The Danforth to help prep for a 5k (my first) that I am running in early October.

-The 28 Day Pedometer Challenge begins on September 13!

-I follow @ashleydtl and @fitchicks on Twitter!

-I am a member of the Fit Chicks FB group.

-And...I tweeted about the contest!

Phew, is that it?! Thanks Ashley and Fit Chicks!

Jennifer D'arci said...

Super cool! I've always wanted to do a Fit Chicks program!

Jennifer D'arci said...

Oops Forgot to mention...I'm up in Barrie and I just want to look goo and feel even better for my high school reunion! Eeeek!

-Jen LaForge

Meaghan said...

Hey Ash,
I would definitely LOVE to try this out at the Downtown Location - College & Bathurst! How exciting!

Meaghan said...

Darn! I forgot to mention I have a show coming up and want to feel amazing - this has given me a bit more of a push!

Meaghan said...

The pedometer challenge starts Sept 13th!

Amy said...

Hi Ashley.
Great Contest!!
I would love to try Fit Chicks, at their Danforth location. My fitness goal for the fall, is to challenge myself and try something completely new which bootcamp is.

- The 28 Day Pedometer Challenge is Sept 13 - Oct 4

- joined the Fit Chicks FB group
- following both you and Fit Chicks on Twitter

Marissa said...

OK I'm in. Danforth location (of course)! I'm going to work 3 x week until Christmas.

Marissa said...

Fit chicks pedometer challenge starts Sept. 13

Marissa said...

Joined facebook (this is like a scavenger hunt!)

Marissa said...

I ALREADY folo u on twitter :) @marissanelson

Marissa said...

I already folo @fitchicks on twitter :)

Nicole (@thecharmfactory) said...

WOW! This is absolutely fabulous! This would really help me get back in gear after a bit of a hiatus from healthy eating and fitness. I've gained a bit, but I'm determined to get back that weight - plus more! The Danforth location would be perfect, since it's right around the corner from me!

The 28 Day Pedometer Challenge begins on September 14th and ends on October 4th!

I've joined the FIT CHICKS Facebook group!

I already follow you on Twitter, but now I'm following @fitchicks!

And, I just tweeted this info!

Fingers crossed! I could really use this!

Jennifer D'arci said...

So apparently I am super excited about this contest! Sorry about the multiple posts!

I joined the Fit Chicks group on Facebook...

And the Pedometer Challenge begins September 13th and ends October 4th.

Thanks for this wonderful opportunity Ashley!

(Jen LaForge)

Trina said...

My goal is to create and establish new workout routine that fits into my life as a work-at-home single mom of two :P Pregnancy-weight-be-gone! I could really use this ♥

My name is Trina MacLeod and I would love to win a chance attend a Fit Chicks session in Calgary!

The 30 Day Pedometer Challenge begins on Sept. 13

I am a member of the Fit Chicks FB group already ;)

I will be blogging about this later this afternoon (naptime is blog time! lol). I have also posted a link to the contest on my FB page!

Unfortunately, I am not a Twitter member so will not qualify for the last 2 entries :( Sorry

barcodegurl said...

Awesome contest! I did Fit Chicks in June and July and I miss it so much but unfortunately can't afford it right now. I'd love to do the program again at the downtown location (Orde St PS at College & University). Tara was my instructor and she was fantastic! I have been doing gym workouts since then but it's definitely not the same as sweating with the Chicks :)

barcodegurl said...

I got excited and didn't finish reading the ways to enter, so here's another comment!

The 28 Day Pedometer Challenge starts on Sept 13th.

I'm a member of the Fit Chicks FB group!

I follow both you and Fit Chicks on Twitter (@barcodegurl) and I tweeted about this contest.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing prize!! I am loving Fit Chicks with Jamie at the beaches location. Since June I have lost 10 inches and can wait for tuesday and thursday nights to arrive. I have never been this pumped tp workout before !! Thanks Amanda, Jamie and Fit Chicks for this great opportunity.
Melinda Hickey

Anonymous said...

This is Melinda Hickey again.
I have joined the Fit Chicks FB group and the 28 day Pedometer Challenge begins on Sept 13th.
I would love to win this contest!! My current goal is to increase my fitness levels and show my ten year old stepdaughter that its about the commitment, determination and the confidence not the results.