Walk – It Challenge With Weight Watchers and The Running Room

After 6 weeks of build up, I finally got to participate in the Weight Watchers Walk It Challenge last night!! WWBanner Lindsay and I met up beforehand at Pulp Kitchen for a little fuelSANY4085 I started with the Rubee juice – a mix of tangerine, grapefruit, beet and red clover. It was very refreshing and I loved the citrus in combination with the beet. SANY4088 I opted for the Crispy Crunchy Salad which is a mix of Cucumber & green bean salad w/ a tangy vinaigrette topped with crispy breaded tofu & sautéed mushrooms. I really loved the cucumber and green beans in the salad, I only wish there had been more of the green stuff! The tofu wasn’t overly fried and the coating was very light. SANY4089 Lindsay had the ancient grains burger and was disappointed to find out that it was no longer made in house. The super yummy sprouts in her salad made her smile though, and she passed along her feedback to our super sweet waitress.

Once our tummies were filled with yummy vegan food, we headed to the Running Room in the Beaches where we were greeted by a room FULL of Weight Watchers members who were ready to walk! Weight Watchers Canada General Manager Paul Schiffner and Running Room founder John Stanton were on hand to help get the group pumped up. SANY4099 I brought some Weight Watchers Bravo stickers to hand out to all my members who attended, and if you look closely you can see the Bravo stickers on Paul’s shirt that I gave to him as well! (John opted to put his on his hand) I was so excited that so many of my members attended the event!! SANY4100 It was awesome to see so many familiar faces out on a Wednesday night, especially with warnings of thunderstorms and an earthquake earlier in the day! The weather co-operated with us, and we enjoyed an amazing 5k walk along the boardwalk overlooking the water with an amazing breeze to keep us cool. I had a lot of fun wandering around chatting with Lindsay, my members, Paul and John.

SANY4102We finished the walk in a little over an hour and were greeted by cheers, high fives and some yummy trail mix when we returned! It was an amazing event and I’m so happy that I was able to participate with some of my favourite people on such a beautiful day in Toronto!

Did any of you participate in the Walk It Challenge? How did it go? Are you feeling motivated to walk more or push yourself further with activity?

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Anonymous said...

Paul Schiffner! That was a surprise.

Christine R