Rockin’ The Activity With A New FITCHICKS Session Starting June 7

Look at all those stars!! SANY3945

I fell into a groove in May and I have to say I like it! Rather than have a separate activity calendar, I’ve just been giving myself a star for every day that I work out and this system is working very well. In May I managed to get stars on 20 days and I feel really awesome about that. I attribute my success to:

  • riding my bike
  • bellydancing
  • falling in love with BodyAttack
  • FITCHICKS Boot Camp

In June I’d like to have similar results because I feel really strong AND at the end of the month I have another bellydance recital and I need to rock the crop top once again!! bellydance In addition to last month’s activities I’ve also got 2 5k walks coming my way in June. Please feel free to join me for either one of them if you would like to add a 5k to your list of June goals!

June 13th – Sunnybrook Park for the Heel ‘n’ Wheel-a-thon in support of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation. Join my team, Dancing Through Life!

June 23rd – The Weight Watchers Walk-It Challenge. Join my team, Dancing Through Life

I’m also looking forward to starting another session with the lovely ladies at FITCHICKS! SANY3857

You’d almost think I enjoy breaking a sweat – who am I??

New sessions are beginning on June 7 and we’re going outdoors. I’m looking forward to the new challenge and can’t wait to continue seeing changes in my body. One of the cool things about May was that I noticed I big difference in my arms and back and I attribute this success to Laura kicking my butt twice a week!!

So my goals for the month:

  • 20 stickers on the calendar
  • gym in the morning at least once a week (challenge for me!)
  • FITCHICKS x2/week
  • enjoy the 2 5k events
  • feel awesome at my bellydance recital on the 25th

How did you do in May? What are your June activity goals?


Kate said...

I have to say, I love your star system. It just puts a smile on my face :)

challenges2010 said...

It's like being back in school and getting a star for good work! Nice colorful May!

Alisa - frugal foodie said...

You look great! And what fun ways to stay in shape. It is always so much easier when the workouts are actually enjoyable. My good friend does bellydancing and she just loves it!

MissyRayn said...

I got back into working out after being so mad that I got injured at my 10K race. I really like your sticker idea because as a former teacher I'm easily motivated by stickers :-)

I'm digging out the old calendar and giving it a try. I want to lift weights 2x a week and cardio 3x. I can do it!

Meg's Gut said...

good luck with all your goals!