FIT CHICKS FRIDAY – Lovely Lower Body

I’m having such a blast at boot camp, that I wanted you guys to share in the fun!  Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be posting some tips and workouts from the fabulous Laura from FIT CHICKS.

With summer fast approaching (and the gorgeous weather here to stay hopefully!) we are talking legs!  We did some of these last night and I was definitely feeling the burn as I walked up the stairs to my apartment!! This workout will take you 10 minutes and can be done easily in the comfort of your own home without any fancy equipment. Now over to Laura

Summer is just around the corner and we know what that means - shorts season! Here are my top 4 exercise to get luscious lovely legs.. without ever hitting the gym!

What you need: a kitchen chair, a ledge or bottom stair, some pumping tunes and your fabulousness

1. BOOTY TAPS (aka Chair Squats)
SANY3614This exercise is awesome for your tightening your toosh!  Simply grab a dining room chair and stand in front with your feet shoulder width apart.  Now squat back low enough so your booty touches the chair and immediately come back up to standing. Set your timer and repeat for 2min.

Make sure your weight is in your heels, your knees are not coming over the toes and your bum taps the seat on every squat. This will ensure you are working your backside to the max 
For even better results, add weights and give your booty an extra squeeze at the top for good luck.

Even if you don't wear high heels, this squat will give killer quads (the 
SANY3615front of your thigh) to rock your shorts all summer long! Prop your heels up either using weights or a ledge. All the weight is in your toes.  Sit back like you are trying to sit in the chair (like the Booty Taps), bringing your hips down so they are in line with you knees and come back to standing. Set timer and repeat for 2min

Make sure you are balance before you begin, your knees are not coming over the toes and you are getting low.  You should be feeling this pretty quickly in the front of the thigh

3. LONG LEGS (aka 1 legged Dead Lifts
Not only is this exercise great for toning the hamstring (muscles that runs up the back of thigh) but prevents booty saggage, increases balance and mobility - how fab is that? SANY3617Shift your weight into your left leg. Stand holding hands (or weights) in front of thighs and place right leg out behind you with the toe lightly touching the floor (or lift it completely off the floor for more of a challenge). Keeping the shoulders back, tummy tight and the back straight, tip from the hips and lower the weights towards the floor.

Just lower as far as your flexibility allows (and don't worry, you will get better the more you do!). You can bend the knee slightly if you need to. Push into the heel to go back to starting position. Set timer and repeat for 1:30min of the left and then complete 1:30min on the right.

One of our total faves to get your booty burning and your heart pumping is the simple step up. Why they work is that you are lifting your entire body weight as you step.

Using the stairs in your house, step up with your full foot on the stair leading with the left foot.  More advanced? Step up with the left and drive your right knee up and you step up.  Set you timer and lead with the left foot for 1:30min.  Switch to the right and complete another 1:30min.

Add this little FIT CHICKS - 10 min for a Lovely Lower Body workout to your workout routine 2x per week and you'll be rockin the short shorts in no time!

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Alisa said...

cool post! These are definitely some "new to me" moves. I will have to give them a go!