A Day in the Life of a Fit Chick

Happy April Fool’s Day! I promise you that this post is no joke… Sidenote: Only one week til my birthday – yippee!

For the month of March, I have been sweating my butt off twice a week at Fit Chicks Boot Camp. Fit Chicks aims to:

1. Create a butt kicking workout that burns tons of calories in the shortest amount of time.
2. Teach smart exercises that tone all squishy spots (butt, thighs, arms and abs) in under 1 hour.
3. Provide a fun, motivating way for chicks to spend their time.
4. Help you walk away feeling better about yourself than when you walked in.

I was so excited when the girls over at Fit Chicks offered me a session and the classes have not disappointed me at all! I love my instructor, Laura, and she has definitely be pushing me over the last four weeks. And Tuesday was no exception!!

After work on Tuesday I headed home to enjoy some lunch. It came in two parts…SANY3382 Kale chips and saladSANY3383And some baked falafels, which turned out better when I had made them earlier in the week. While they weren’t pretty, they tasted delicious. After getting some work done around the house, I geared up for an evening of pain fun. SANY3386 SANY3384 A little Katy Perry put some pep in my step! I decided to grab a quick dinner at The Big Carrot takeawaySANY3389Lentil loaf, Greek-inspired potatoes, green beans, broccoli and navy bean & sage hummus. It was amazing!! So many great flavours and delicious fuel for what was going to be an intense workout. SANY3390 I treated myself to a little dark chocolate to finish off the meal. SANY3391 So cute!

Tuesday was “bring a chick” night, so I invited the lovely Lindsay to come along with me. She put on a brave face and accepted the challenge!SANY3396

We were both ready and excited for a great workout ahead as seen in this happy, fresh-faced before photo. SANY3399As always, Tuesdays workout was TOUGH! One of the things I love about Fit Chicks is that Laura always keeps us guessing and switches up the workouts that we do. There’s always a great mix of cardio and strength so that we’re working to our full potential all the time. She’s also constantly reminding us to tighten our tummies and think about our core, which is a reminder that I always need.

For this session we started off with alternating bouts of lunges & squats (with weights) with cardio including jumping jacks, burpees and bear crawls (they were as graceful as they sound) We did a ton of partner work involving our weights, a medicine ball and the motivation of our buddy. It was tough!! Let’s just say that after 3 rounds of 26 pushups (1 for each letter of the alphabet) with handclaps in the middle, my arms felt like jello.

The aftermath:SANY3402 SANY3403 Sweaty and hurting but still smiling!! I’m happy to report that despite making her endure a gruelling Fit Chicks workout, Lindsay and I are still friends. Hooray! I pulled myself back togetherSANY3395 Enjoyed a post-workout snick snackSANY3405 And headed out to visit with some friends and watch some comedy. SANY3407 While it hurt to climb the stairs or lift anything on Wednesday, it was definitely an awesome workout. It’s so fun to be a Fit Chick!! Definitely looking forward to my remaining sessions and continuing with many of these workouts going forward!

Speaking of cool chicks… one of my favourite gals, Meghan Telpner, has put together another super awesome tutorial! This new one is called Healing With Every Day Superfoods and will include 60+ pages on how to incorporate these yummy little powerhouses into your life. Meghan’s tutorials are full of fantastic, applicable information and she breaks everything down into easy-to-follow digestible chunks. Meghan’s recipes from my cooking classes last year are still staples in my repertoire, so naturally I’m excited to see what she’s included in this new e-tutorial, available today!


challenges2010 said...

Fit Chicks sounds a lot like a place I use to work out at and it was always grueling but worth it.
26 hand clapping pushups each round.......you are one Fit Chick!

P.S: in other news I gave you an award, it's on my last blog post and NO this is NOT a April Fools Day joke.

Meghan (Making Love In The Kitchen) said...

1. What the hoozles happened to your falafel?

2. The site of a rebar kind of makes me want to heave- I lived on them for six days while biking to Montreal and by the end of the week I was pretty sure I was eating straight compost.

3. Thanks for the mention! Also- offering 15% off if anyone buys two or more. Discount code "HealthyApril" at checkout.

Nelly said...

my friend is trying to get me to join fit chicks...

my b-day is also in a week (april 8)...cool day!

have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the weather!!!

kitchenoperas said...

Yes, we can still be friends ... but lookout for payback ;)

I'm taking you rock climbing, mwahahah.

Katie said...

Yikes, 3 rounds of 26 pushups?! You're awesome!!

Meg's Gut said...

that chocolate looks (and sounds) so cute! a buddha?

Lauren said...

Fit chicks sounds killer! I'll make it a goal to try one day. Have a good weekend!